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Hurricane Sandy Thoughts


This is one of those rare, few-and-far-between times I wish I had a roommate. Last night, I was lackadaisically watching a movie and sipping tea. I enjoyed a chapter of a new book, watched the idiotic undergrads playing football in the pouring rain until the police ran them off, and made a mental to-do list. This morning, I filled every large container I could find with water. “Just in case.” Did three loads of laundry. Kept my laptop and cell charged. Rearranged my porch furniture in the event of high winds and/or paranoia. All of this last-minute hurricane prep would be much more exciting if I didn’t live alone.

Every school on the East Coast cancelled classes today. Oh, wait… not mine. In the past 48 hours, I have received no fewer than nine emails from various personnel. If none of you are delivering exciting news, please stop blowing up my inbox.

If Kroger runs out of wine, I can’t be held accountable for my actions. In the event of a natural disaster, it is scientifically proven that texting a nearby sorority sister, “If classes are cancelled or we lose power, expect wine and me on your doorstep,” will reduce chronic boredom. Now, I just need to pray that the wine selection holds out until I can arrive at said sister’s apartment…

The Jersey Shore hotspots may be wiped off the map. I don’t know whether to be upset or to laugh maniacally. Somehow, I got sucked into six seasons of utter ridiculousness. I guess now that JS is over and everybody’s old married people, Karma doesn’t serve a purpose?

Loss of power = loss of sanity. Enough said.

I keep wavering between “this is pathetic” and “this is too exciting” when it comes to the news. I’ve been glued to the boob tube all. damn. day. Maybe it’s the swirly colors on the “Sandygrams” CNN keeps looping. Honestly, it’s 2:30 p.m. and not a thing has happened in this area.

P.S. How are you coping with Sandy and the effects of the storm(s)? Stay safe and dry out there!


“Frankenstorm” Weekend


I can’t say I’ve done a lot to prepare for the dreaded Hurricane Sandy. Maybe I’m taking a laissez-faire approach, but I’m not one of these Doomsdayers who feels it necessary to literally run through the grocery store as though the last gallon of water or the last ten boxes of saltines will evaporate in nanoseconds. I did stock up on some essentials — non-perishable sandwich-making materials, bottled water, non-dairy milk, TP — though I seriously regret my decision to try Kroger at 5 p.m.

In other news… Friday was pretty dull around these parts. The most exciting part of my day included a glass of moscato and tucking into bed at 11:00 after reading a chapter of a new book.

Saturday was a different story…

I met my sister and two of her sorority sisters in Farmville to grab some lunch before the Hampden-Sydney football game. I am truly ashamed of the amount of fast-food I consumed this weekend. It may not appear that way…

…but Sheetz, McDonald’s (where I found a literal fly in an ice cube), and Taco Bell don’t sit as well with me anymore. It’s not that fast-food joints don’t offer healthy-ish alternatives; it’s that I eat fast-food so rarely, I don’t usually choose a salad with light dressing over a crispy chicken club. Ya dig?

The game was an absolute blowout against Guilford, with the final score being 68-24. We celebrated heartily, my blends.

“What the hell is a ‘sorority squat’?!”

This morning, after little more than 5 hours of sleep, I was reminded that perhaps graduating from college should include not returning to your pseudo-alma mater in order to partake in fraternal activities. Alas, it seems I may never learn 😉

As soon as I stuffed a pumpkin doughnut and a Shmuffin in my face and drove home, my agenda read like this:
1. Nap
2. End of agenda

The rest of my afternoon pretty much consisted of sipping tea, sucking on cough drops, and half-heartedly watching a movie. As Sandy approaches, I guess it’s time to put my Big Girl Pants back on and act like a grown-up.

I hope your weekend was spectacular! I’d love your suggestions, comments, and questions about the new site! I’m still adjusting the layout and some of the content, so please feel free.

P.S. Have you done any hurricane prep? I’ve gathered my flashlights and my candles, which is about as prepared as I can be in an apartment building.