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Inside a Type-A Fridge


Today’s post is one I’ve been wanting to write for awhile now. I’m not sure why, other than my odd fascination with other bloggers’ inside-the-fridge pictures. I feel like I’m exposing the most intimate part of my home to you, but that’s probably because I’m so very… Type-A.

My refrigerator must be organized impeccably — not for presentation, not for guests, not for ease of use, but for the sake of organization. It’s okay if things get rearranged to make room for new items or to consolidate, but generally I abide by the “a place for everything and everything in its place” rule.

I took photos on several different days over the past two weeks to give myself, primarily, a look at how the composition of the fridge changes almost on a daily basis depending on what I need, what is in abundance, special items (i.e. desserts my mom insists I bring back from Richmond), leftovers, etc.

I think this post is best expressed without much narrative, so I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. I tried to get creative with editing by adding arrows and captions in funky fonts, but I just ended up reminding myself why I’m in grad school for counseling and not graphic design 😉

Oh, and my apologies in advance for the poor lighting; I was relying on the overhead fluorescent in my kitchen and the measly bulbs inside the fridge.

IMG_0974[1] IMG_0975[1]


IMG_1026[1] IMG_0977[1] IMG_0976[1]

IMG_0979[1] IMG_1027[1]


And there you have it! The pride of my home, my fridge, from all angles 🙂

Disclaimer: These photos were taken to accurately depict what my fridge looks like day-to-day. I didn’t go to any great lengths to buy special foods, organize differently, make “healthy” foods more prominent, etc. In fact, most of the pictures were snapped on a whim simply when I remembered to take them. After all, what would be the point of this post if the photos weren’t candid?

Just out of curiosity, how do you feel when others get a peek inside your fridge? How do you feel when you look inside someone else’s fridge? On-the-spot? Proud? Making mental memos? Embarrassed? Indifferent? Let’s chat!


Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail


Maybe this makes me an extreme nerd or a yuppie foodie, but one of my favorite activities of late is meal-planning!


I’m so serious.

I look for time during the week when I can sit down to plan my Thursday grocery shopping trip and my meals for the week. Meal prep ahead of time not only saves me time and energy when I come home exhausted from Internship, it prevents me from making lazy meal choices (i.e. canned soup) when I’m ravenous after the gym. For example, the other night I was feeling extra productive, so I sliced and diced the veggies to marinate overnight that I knew I’d need for the following night’s stir fry dinner. When I came home later than expected the next afternoon and grudgingly still went to the gym, my growling tummy was beyond grateful that I had felt so in the mood for meal prep earlier! All I had to do was cook some brown rice, saute the veggies and presto: dinner.

This week, I’ve been feeling particularly excited about meal-planning, especially with Fresh Market opening so close to school! Yesterday morning was the grand opening, and people were shoving queuing at the unholy hour of 7:55. Uhhh… no thank you!

Anyway, today I made my weekly trip to Kroger for staples, armed with my meal plan for the week and my grocery list. I am usually pretty good about sticking to my list and keeping “splurge” buys to a minimum. So, without further ado:



Beverages: La Croix sparkling water ($4.49), lemonade mix — per Ian’s request ($1.89), O.N.E. coconut water — impulse buy ($2.99), Vita coconut water — impulse buy ($2.00), and organic milk ($3.69)


Dairy: Chobani Greek yogurt and Chobani Flips (3/$4.00)… I misread the price tag and thought they were 10/$8.00


Produce: bananas ($1.24), shredded lettuce ($2.99), seedless red grapes ($1.55), organic celery ($1.69), pomegranate ($2.49), cucumber ($0.75), green pepper ($0.77), Fuji apples ($3.29)


Random: much-needed [and on-sale] highlighters ($1.29), brown rice ($2.49), organic seedless raisins ($3.49), Truvia natural sweetener ($3.99)


Grand total: $55.83

I’m all set for the week with breakfast items I already had, fresh fruit for snacks and sides, meals for Ian’s visit this weekend, and five dinners! I’m still planning to drag bring Ian with me to Fresh Market on Saturday to explore, but I fully plan to have a list in my hand and a spending cap in my head. That place makes me giddy!

Now, on to equally as exciting stuff: I spent a little time playing around in the kitchen this afternoon, and I devised my own recipe for quick and easy Waldorf salad. I’m more than happy to share!

IMG_0973[1] IMG_0972[1]

Homemade Waldorf Salad
1 stalk celery
1 C plain Chobani Greek yogurt
handful of raisins
2-3 handfuls of red grapes
half of large Fuji apple
1/4 C whole almonds

Slice the celery, grapes, and apple into bite-sized pieces. Mix all solid ingredients together, then add yogurt. Stir until yogurt coats all ingredients evenly. Refrigerate for up to 5 days. Bon appetit!

Well, blends, I’m off to prep for a double-dose of class tonight. Have an excellent evening!

Stay tuned this weekend for a peek inside my OCD fridge, as well as my exploits at FM! 😉

P.S. I’d love to hear about YOUR meal prep and/or meal-planning! Do you measure portions out precisely? How far in advance do you cut perishable items? Do you cater your grocery shopping to portable foods for on-the-go? Let’s chat! 🙂