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Strength & Selfies


“Hey there, ho there, how do ya do…”

Okay, sorry, I just accidentally channeled my inner Lana (Mandy Moore) from The Princess Diaries.

I wish I had more than a few minutes to stay and play, especially given that I have blogged a very sad number of times this month, but I am positively swamped. I’m putting in 20-25 hours per week at my Internship site — which I am absolutely loving — plus I have more than a lot going on classwork-wise. That’s all I’ll say so as not to go on a stress-induced rant… Besides, sometimes life just gets in the way of blogging. Sorry I’m not sorry that I don’t have the mental or physical dedication to get up an hour early just to make sure I post something daily. As much as I love blogging and I genuinely appreciate the feedback I receive, I don’t anticipate receiving this year’s Hardcore Extreme Blogger Award.

Tonight I want to talk about my two self-challenges for October (y’all know I love a good challenge ;-)) — strength and selfies.

[Ummm… what?]

My first self-challenge is to complete three days of strength-training for every one cardio workout. Whether that be yoga, weight-lifting, intensive stretching, or what have you, I am determined to fit more strength-training into my workouts. I’m not seeing the muscle tone or definition results I’d like, and my weight loss has all but stagnated. I’m not gaining weight, but I’m certainly not losing it, either. I’m hoping to take progress pictures to remind myself of how far I’ve come and of the gradual progress I’m making toward the fit woman I aspire to be! I haven’t decided yet whether these will grace the blog. I’m not one of those brave souls out there who can bare all via Instagram for the sake of comparison. More power to ya, but my tummy ain’t makin’ the front page anytime soon!

My second challenge is to take more pictures of myself! This does not literally mean the blog will suddenly be full of selfies, but… Well, I do live alone… So yeah, that’s probably exactly what it’ll mean! In looking through my iPhone recently, I have found that about ninety percent of the photos I take are of food, food prep, grocery-shopping, adult beverages, wedding dresses… basically anything and everything except myself. I realized that what makes me enjoy other bloggers’ sites so much is their photos of them actually doing the things they’re blogging about. This is something I’d like to beef up, too.

That said, I’m off and running! No rest for the weak and weary, is there? 😉


Thanks for stopping by!


594.25 To Go!



For obvious reasons, I won’t go into details about what I am doing, but I can tell you that I am interning at a hospital rotating among three different units.

Most of my first day involved observation of clinicians and fellow interns, but I was also afforded the opportunity to participate somewhat. Me. On the verge of conducting actual counseling.

As I have mentioned in prior posts, I have really been working this year on stepping outside of my comfort zone. In 2013 alone, I may have leaped outside of my comfort zone more times than in my entire life! This experience is by far the biggest leap I have taken.

I was beyond nervous this weekend, but I was able to pick a fellow intern’s brain about random questions most normal people probably wouldn’t dream of. Nevertheless, with a little bit of prayer and a lot of preparation, I made it through. Whew!

There may be 594.25 hours to go, but what matters right now is that I dove head-first into the experience and came out alive! 😉 I am so blessed to have been accepted as an intern at this hospital, and I am truly looking forward to the learning experiences and opportunities this internship will afford me.

Well, I’m off to bed, as I have my first group supervision experience tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. sharp! I just wanted to keep up my resolve of posting at least every other day. Ta ta!

P.S. What was the last thing you did that really pushed you outside of your comfort zone?