While I’d love to be able to tell you that this new little slice of excitement is my first blog experience, I have my first blog to thank for how much I’ve learned about the various meanings of “health,” fitness, eats, and a whooole lot of trial and error. Head on over to Girl Emerging for a few posts on, well, everything!

Please feel free to leave comments there or here. You can also shoot me an email: girlemergingblog@gmail.com or Tweet me: @girl_emerging (as you can see, I catered all of my social media and connectedness to my previous blog…)

So why did I leave Girl Emerging? I needed something a little more user-friendly (since I’m not the least bit tech-savvy) and sophisticated. I’ve pretty well gotten the hang of this thing called blogging, and it was about that time for a change of scenery 😉

These are the blogs I read on a regular/daily basis:

A Healthy Slice of Life

Healthy Tipping Point

My Classy Frat Life

My Inner Shakti

Single Dad Laughing

Sweet Tooth Sweet Life

The Jiggly Bits

The Lunchbox Diaries


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