Monthly Archives: November 2013

30 Days Later


Wow… It’s simultaneously hard and not hard at all to believe I last wrote a month ago. And has it ever been a crazy 30 days! While I was on my blog hiatus, the following events transpired:

Switching from one unit in the hospital to another October 7
Finding my wedding dress (!!!) October 10
The one-year countdown ’til The Big Day October 11
The fourth anniversary of meeting my fiance, Ian, October 17
Buying my wedding dress October 18
Our first engagement party (wedding party meet-and-greet) October 19
The first anniversary of this little old blog October 25
Ian and me beginning our wedding registry November 2
And Ian and me celebrating our fourth anniversary (ten days early) November 2

So, yeah… I missed blogging about quite a few important events. But to be honest, some days I was too exhausted or too preoccupied to even remember to post. Some days, I thought about posting, and I felt relieved that I had an “out” of sorts. To be honest it was nice to keep some private, emotional moments to myself or among family, such as purchasing my wedding gown. Even if I had posted about some of these events, it’s not like I could’ve shared photos with you.

I never meant for blogging to overwhelm me or become a nuisance; I began blogging because I genuinely love writing and sharing my journey publicly. I know with certainty that I needed this time to do some soul-searching about whether SWASOV was something I wanted to continue right now.

Here’s what I have decided to do:
For the time being, it doesn’t appear that being a daily poster — which is still one of my greatest aspirations — will come to fruition. But on the flip side, I always feel this sense of obligation to post some apology or excuse for not having posted if I go more than 2 days away from the blog. In the future, I plan to post when I can; if that means every day for a week and then not at all for 5 days, I’m going to stop fretting about being a “regular” poster. Among the blogs I read on a regular basis, each blogger posts when she can, not necessarily on a set schedule. All that being said, I have a number of topics I am *planning* to write about in the near future — like the “results” and what I learned from my October Strength & Selfies Challenge!

I love my little space in the blogosphere, and I truly appreciate all three of you (haha) who are out there, reading my mumbo-jumbo. I’ve just decided that life is too important and too short to try to post every single move I make. This past month, I experienced the joy of truly living in each moment instead of trying to conceptualize when and how I would blog about it.

If you’d like to keep up with me on a daily-ish basis, you can find me on Instagram (annekendall) or Twitter (@girl_emerging).

Thanks for sticking around during my absence, and I hope you’ll continue to read in the future! 😉