Feelin’ Saucy


Yeah, I know, enough with the food puns already, A.K.! 😉

I’m in between binges of Dance Moms, but I’ve been itching to pop in and blog about a little trick I devised for those of us who live alone. For those of you ladies or gents who are married, cohabitating, or have roommates, this trick might not be of use to you. Nevertheless, sometimes it’s hard for anyone to use an entire jar of spaghetti sauce.

[Side note: my favorite clean spaghetti sauce involves a homemade concoction of EVOO, fresh garlic, sautéed yellow onion, diced tomatoes, Italian blend seasoning, and parsley. When I don’t have the time or energy to do homemade, I opt for a sauce that is low on sugar, packed with veggies, and has as many whole ingredients as possible. Prego Chunky Garden Tomato, Onion and Garlic is my favorite sauce du jour.]

No matter what variety of sauce I’m using, it’s rare for me to be able to cater the amount of sauce to a meal for one. I’m still learning just as much as I am experimenting! That said, I never know what to do with the other three-quarters of a jar of sauce. Finally, last week when I was craving no-yolk noodles, burger crumbles, and spaghetti sauce, I had a revelation: Why not freeze the leftover sauce in individual portions?! Ta daaaaa!


I kept out the sauce I needed for the evening’s meal, froze one portion in the jar, and poured the rest into this muffin tin. I figure two cups’ worth of sauce will suffice for each spaghetti meal, and I won’t have to worry about cramming in meals to finish the jar of sauce before it goes bad.


And voilà! Frozen spaghetti sauce, prepped and ready for a meal anytime.

I’m sincerely hoping that each cup of sauce will pop right out as easily as I’m imagining… I guess I’ll find out in the next week or so!

If you’ve ever frozen sauce in a manner like this, I’d love any tips or tricks you have for guaranteeing that the sauce will come right out of its container for heating. 

Have a saucy evening, blends! 😉


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  1. When you’re sure the cups are frozen solid in the muffin pan you can probably turn it upside down and sort of twist opposite corners of the pan, much like emptying an ice tray. If the sauce cups don’t pop out easily try setting the muffin pan on a cookie sheet with a little warm water in the bottom. Should only take a couple minutes for them to soften enough on the bottom to pop out. Or, you can always leave the muffin pan out of the freezer for 5-10 minutes. Just don’t go off and forget about it. Then you’d have to freeze them all over again! Once you pop them out of the muffin pan, put the frozen spaghetti cups in zip top bags and put them back in the freezer. Just take out however many you need when you’re ready for a spaghetti dinner! Bon appetit!

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