Family, Fun, Food and Festivities


Y’all, I am just tickled pink to tell you about my cousin’s baby shower!

IMG_0556[1] IMG_0562[1]

Krysta and Josh are expecting their daughter in just four weeks! My aunt Carolyn and my cousin Carla hosted Krysta’s shower this afternoon in Craigsville, VA. It’s a teeny, tiny town in the Shenandoah Valley, and it’s where my mom and her three siblings grew up. There is something so magical and so beautiful about family and friends coming together to celebrate new life.



All of Krysta’s sisters were able to attend the shower today! From the left on the top row are Tori, Hayley, Krysta, April, and Carmen. From the left on the bottom are Brianne and Taylor (one of my EIGHT bridesmaids! Eeeek!).

Thankfully, Krysta and Josh will have lots of help when Baby arrives 😉

IMG_0571[1] IMG_0576[1] IMG_0584[1] IMG_0590[1]

It was such a joy to watch Krysta open itty bitty sweater sets, jammies, onezies, hoodies, handmade burp cloths, personally crocheted blankets, and girly goodies.

IMG_0560[1] IMG_0555[1] IMG_0563[1]

The “Daddy’s Favorite Girl” and “I ❤ My Daddy” bibs were killin’ me! People’s generosity was overwhelming, as evidenced by the number of ladies who were able to attend the shower, and the lovely items Krysta and Josh received to welcome their new baby girl.

The food was pretty incredible, too, now that I think about it… I’m a finger-foods kinda gal. Just give me some sandwiches, a couple types of dip and fresh veggies, and I’m set! Oh, my aunt Carolyn’s homemade lemonade was to die for.

IMG_0557[1] IMG_0564[1] IMG_0581[1]

Those little mints will get ya! They’re highly addictive.

This afternoon was truly a beautiful and special occasion that I am so glad my mom, my sister and I were able to share with our extended family. Even though we had to drive nearly 2 hours each way, I didn’t mind one bit. We’ll be welcoming the newest member of our family in just a few short weeks, and I can hardly wait!

Congratulations again, Krysta and Josh — I’m sure you’ll make wonderful, loving parents for your new little girl!



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