Simone France: Day Two


When I tore into my Simone France travel kit last night,

like, literally,

IMG_0513[1] IMG_0514[1]

I fully intended to wait until I had used it for at least a week to see how my skin reacted to it. Well, I just can’t. Certainly, I plan to write about my experience with Simone France once I’ve really let the full effect set in. Today, I just want to share with you briefly how much I am loving my kit thus far.

Last night after my shower, I decided to give the nighttime routine a go. My face-washing enthusiasm got the best of me, and I was halfway through the “Every Morning” regimen before I realized my error. I still felt pretty much like this:


Who knew that clean skin was such a rush?!

Well, whatever. So I went through the steps of applying moisturizer, scrub, soap, water, and moisturizer again. When I first looked at the instruction pamphlet and remembered there were numbered steps, my lazy ass was like, Uhhh… Maybe this isn’t for me. In reality, the process takes but a few minutes.


(I may be whistling a different tune when I’m trying to put one foot in front of the other tomorrow at 6:30 a.m.)

Afterward, my skin felt truly refreshed and clean without that tight, itchy feeling of being under-moisturized, or that slick, oily feeling of being over-moisturized. And I’m not just saying that! I went through the “Every Morning” routine again this morning before church — at the appropriate hour of the day this time — and my skin felt great again. I decided not to wear makeup or apply my trusty Mary Kay moisturizer, and just to let the SF do its thang.

This is a refreshing change of pace from always feeling like my skin is either dry and flaky or so shiny you can see your reflection on my forehead. I have that odd combination of skin that is somehow simultaneously dry and oily. In the winter, I can’t keep enough moisturizer on it, and yet I still manage to look like a pale oil slick. The summer is a nightmare, between the grease of sunscreen, the natural oil-removing action of being in water, and the over-moisturizing that never fails to occur in a cumulative effect. Sigh.

My skin has never been something that’s held me back, and I’m thankful that I haven’t experienced major problems with it. But, I’ve also never found products that really treated my skin for its type and its problem areas. As a pre-teen I tried Noxzema cream, Stridex pads, Biore cleanser, bar soap and water, and a host of other popular products. As a teenager, I tried plain old soap and water, cream cleansers, acne wipes, peels, masks, homemade remedies, and moisturizers out the wazoo. Recently, I’ve used a variety of cream cleansers, micro-bead scrubs, blackhead-remover strips, and expensive moisture creams. It seems like my face can go from feeling tight, stretched, itchy, and uncomfortably dry to shiny, oily, and downright greasy within one day’s time. TMI yet?

I’ll be honest — 50% of my skin woes are due to laziness, 40% are due to constantly touching my skin, and 10% are due to my lack of education about my skin type and the right products for me. I don’t know yet whether Simone France will be my saving grace in the combination-skin department, but I’m willing to try anything at this point, and I already like the way the product regimen makes my skin feel.


Stay tuned for updates on my experience with Simone France! Thanks again to Colleen over at The Lunchbox Diaries for her generous giveaway, and to Penny at Simone France for her assistance with selecting the right products for me!


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