We Have a Winnerrrr!


Blends, I don’t even know how to contain or describe my excitement:

My friend Colleen, over at The Lunchbox Diaries, did a giveaway of the Simone France travel kit she received, and I was chosen as the winner!

I absolutely cannot wait to receive the travel kit in the mail and review it! As you know, I have never done a sponsored post (not that I wouldn’t) but I love to review products of my own volition and report back to you.

To be honest, I do very little in the way of skin care — because I’m that lazy. I do use a St. Ives facial scrub that supposedly “removes blackheads”… Yeah, like they’re just gonna up and walk away! And I also use a Mary Kay moisturizer that my mom’s consultant recommended for chronic dry skin. I actually have combination skin, meaning that it’s both oily and dry.

My nose and my chin have gathered so many little blackheads because I touch my skin a lot (gross, I know). My forehead tends to break out when I sweat a great deal, such as weeks that I run several days. Before I go to bed, I know I should do something in the way of removing the day’s oil and impurities, but I am just. too. lazy.

When I receive this little miracle kit that Colleen has raved about so much, I plan to make an honest attempt at using it on a regular basis. I’m not self-conscious about my skin, per se, but I wouldn’t hate having clearer, more evenly complected skin, either.

As soon as I’ve given Simone France a fair shot, I promise to write a full and honest review. In the meantime, I’ll just dream about the future of my clear, beautiful skin 😉


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