The First Look


As Ian’s and my wedding approaches (ha! Just kidding! We’re still ~18 months away…) one thing we’ve been considering is the First Look: the first time the bride and groom see each other on their wedding day.

First Look


We (read: I) firmly believe that we should not see each other on our wedding day before we are in our wedding regalia. As in, I’m not going to spend the night with him, pop out of bed, and say, “Well, see ya there!”

We have been considering seeing one another, me in my gown and Ian in his tux, just a few minutes before the ceremony in the style of a fairly recent tradition. If we did this, our photographer would have the opportunity to capture our first look at each other as soon-to-be husband and wife. There are, of course, pros and cons to this notion.

– The photographer would be able to capture both of us as we saw each other for the first time on our wedding day at this very emotional moment.
– This moment, being inherently emotional, would be very private.
– We (read: I) would probably not be as nervous or emotional walking down the aisle, having already seen Ian.
– Our families are not pushing us in either direction or forcing us to uphold ancient traditions.
– I’m going to be so doggone spastic, this might be a way to bring me down a few notches 😉

– The photographer(s) would not necessarily be able to capture both of us in a single shot as we saw each other for the first time.
– We could potentially regret not having waited for our First Look as I walked down the aisle and Ian waited at the altar.
– Our family and friends would not be able to share in our First Look.
– Seeing each other prior to the ceremony might take some of the excitement and anticipation out of it.

[I’m sure there are far more pros and cons — I’m just a bit scatterbrained this morning. I do not personally know any couples who have had their First Look prior to the ceremony, so I have no basis for comparison. We still have a lot of considering to do — and plenty of time to do it — but I’d love for you to weigh in!]

When do you think a couple should have their First Look?


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