Society’s Lemmings


For as long as I can remember, I wouldn’t get one.

I refused.

I want to be different, I said. I don’t want to have the same one as everybody else, I said.

Well, not everybody has one, but it sure seems that way.

Still, I held on. I stayed true to my self-promise. I clung to my “values.”

I didn’t give in.

Slowly, though, they wore me down.

They made me believe I couldn’t live without one. They made me believe that my prized “different” one was garbage.

Then, mine actually started malfunctioning. Maybe it knew it was being talked about and it backfired on me. My beloved choice to swim upstream, to be a salmon among so many of society’s lemmings.

For months, their snide remarks and their form of conversion therapy chipped away at my supposedly tough anti-conformist exterior.

And then the unthinkable happened: I actually started to believe them.

They got into my head, their voices bouncing around like so many marbles:

“You know you want one…”

“Sooner or later, you’ll have to…”

“Why don’t you just give in?”

“There’s a reason everybody loves theirs…”

They broke me, blends.

As of Saturday, I am the owner of an iPhone 5.

[Hence my mini blog hiatus and my ridiculously naive use of Emojis…]



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