Scenes From the (Wild) Weekend


Well, my bracket is sucking…


But let’s not talk about that. I’m already the laughingstock of my bracket group. You can go ahead and have a chuckle.

This weekend was an absolute blast.

Friday, Ian arrived around 4:15, so we opted for an early dinner. His dad had sent us a gift card to this little steak place, so we treated ourselves to prime rib au jus 😉 I’m not sure that place serves salad underneath all that cheese or green beans with their salt, but I made an attempt at some veggies.

Our waiter overheard us discussing our wedding plans and even though we protested that we were too full for dessert, he brought us a little ice cream treat. I was bursting! But I can’t complain about free ice cream.

Then we grabbed some moscato and headed over to Rachel’s for what was supposed to be girls’ night. It was essentially an estrogen-fest plus poor Ian, who was trying desperately to watch basketball and analyze our brackets. It turned into this:



I was essentially drinking out of a bucket with a stem, which didn’t bode well…

Saturday morning I was feeling a little green around the gills, but about a gallon of water, a snack of Tums, and a shower later, I was ready to hit the road.

We met our friends Mark and Heather in Charlottesville at the Mellow Mushroom. Neither Ian nor I had ever been there, but the pizza was spot-on. We split a medium House Special, which was this treasure:


I won’t even try to pretend that this weekend was one of my healthier ones, but it sure as hell was delicious. The Mellow Mushroom has some incredible and unique pizza creations.

We left the pizza joint and carpooled to John Paul Jones Arena for — wait for it — Thompson Square, Florida-Georgia Line, and LUKE BRYAN!!

Even though my bank account is feeling pretty naked right now, I couldn’t resist tickets to two of my very favorite country musicians. I’m not super familiar with Thompson Square, but their music was just icing on the cake.



I didn’t try to take pictures during the concert; I just soaked up every minute of music and time spent with Ian.

Florida-Georgia Line opened, followed by Thompson Square. Luke, of course, was the main event 😉 He was fantastic, from signing posters about squirrels, to throwing full Solo cups into the crowd, to passing a jar of “moonshine” around with his bandmates. My only complaint is that he didn’t sing “Sorority Girl,” which was the only reason I dressed like a tool in my ADPi letters. Somehow, we missed taking a picture of me dressed for Luke (whose wife is an ADPi), but the concert was phenomenal from start to finish.

Our seats were on the opposite side of the arena from Mark and Heather, and by some miracle, we did not have the drunkest assholes seated behind or in front of us. Even from row Z (literally) Luke Bryan was just as yummy (and loud) as I’m sure he would’ve been had we paid $200 per ticket. At least, that’s what I’m telling myself. Actually, our seats were great. We could see and hear everything perfectly, and we even had room to stretch out.

We got back to my apartment much later than I anticipated and pretty much passed out. We were on the go from the time Ian arrived on Friday until he left an hour ago in the midst of a… snowstorm?

Yep. We awoke this morning to this:



I don’t know how long it’s been snowing or how much longer it’s expected to keep up, but I think we already have more snow than we got during the “storm” a few weeks ago.

Now, it’s time for me to sit back with a cup of coffee, the TV on mute to monitor my bracket (perhaps the first time in my 24 years that I’ve been concerned about sports), and some reading for class.

Happy Sunday!


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