Snow Day!


Happy snow day, blends!

I don’t know about you, but here in Central Virginia, I got between 3 and 4 inches of the heavy, wet stuff. I was beyond excited when it started snowing around 10:00 last night. It had been raining most of the afternoon on into the evening. The trucks and plows weren’t able to get out to salt the roads due to the rain, so I thought there was a pretty good chance the snow would stick 😉

This morning, I awoke early to see several inches covering cars, trees, rooftops, and sidewalks… but wet, black pavement. That meant the roads had to be clear, which meant life must be continuing on as usual. I even had an inclement weather text message from school, stating that the college would be functioning on time and as scheduled. Bummer.

(I really don’t know why I was so excited for an honest-to-goodness snow day, because I don’t have class or Practicum on Wednesdays anyway!)

It snowed like hell from the time I woke up until early afternoon. At times it practically looked (and felt and sounded) like a blizzard; the trees were bent sideways in the wind, and it whistled between the apartment buildings. Around 1:00 this afternoon, the snow fizzled out and the sun even came out to play. There’s nothing I love more than a snow day, and there’s nothing I hate more than the sound of snow melting, dripping from icicles and rooftops into gutters, and running into the sewers. A wee bit of an exaggeration, but it really does make me sad when the beautiful white snow melts away and leaves huge muddy puddles and street chemicals behind. Sigh.

There’s also nothing that helps me be mindful like snow. I’m not very good at slowing down and really taking notice of my surroundings or what’s happening within myself, but snow does that for me every single time. I focus intently on watching it as it falls. I try my darndest to catch the perfect flake on my tongue. (Yes, Mom, I still eat snow.) I listen as the snow filters through the trees and lands softly on the ground. I love the smell of it before it arrives. I take notice of the color of the sky and the way it traps light in its low ceiling. I make sure to get my hands wet to really feel its consistency and its coldness. I walk in it and listen to it crunch and squeak beneath my boots. I don’t worry about Instagramming it or tweeting it or letting everyone else know that I, too, am experiencing the snow. I just am with the snow.

Maybe I’m a bit too obsessed with snow, but it has been my absolute favorite form of weather since I was a tiny kid.

Despite my best efforts to re-watch seasons one and two of Pretty Little Liars — because, tragically, I don’t have access to season three and I’ve run out of excitement about Netflix — I accomplished everything on my to-do list. And then some!

The couch is actually calling my name again now that three loads of laundry are done… Great catching up with you!

Question: What’s your favorite thing to do on a snow day?


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  1. Haha it looks like you and me are totally opposites when it comes to snow…I’m not a huge fan but it is gorgeous and when I get a snow day I am all for it! I think my favorite thing to do on a snow day is drinking my mother’s famous hot chocolate and reading a good book or catching up on shows I’ve missed in the week 🙂

    • Hot chocolate will be a must for me tonight! I’ll be watching the University of Richmond Spiders vs. the VCU Rams! (Dad’s alma mater vs. fiance’s med school) I should’ve used more of my time today for reading instead of being glued to PLL…

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