Saturday Secrets


What I’m sharing with you today constitutes not so much secrets, but more so confessions. “Saturday Confessions” isn’t alliterative, though.

(1) Last night was the first time in a loooong time I’ve gotten together with just my girlfriends. Five of us went out for dinner and drinks, and we had an absolute blast. Yeah, of course our boyfriends, fiances, and husbands came up in conversation, but they weren’t invited! GNO was just what I needed to cap off this hellacious week. The confession: I’m terrible about making plans with people. When someone says, We should get together soon! I’m always apt to say, Yeah, let’s do it! and then wait for the other person to initiate the plan-making. It’s not that I won’t make plans, it’s that I’m lazy and I prefer to be the invitee rather than the inviter…er. Since I graduated from Longwood, though, that’s begun to change.

(2) Friday is typically my cleaning day. I actually don’t mind vacuuming the entire apartment, Swiffering the kitchen and bathroom floors, scrubbing the tub, polishing the sinks, washing the linens, etc. Cleaning not only puts my type-A mind at ease, but it gives me that sense of accomplishment and pride before I have company. The confession: I sometimes do what I call the lazy-man’s cleaning of the toilet. I douse the entire bowl in this fresh-smelling cleanser I found, turn on the fan so the bleach fumes don’t knock me out, and give it 20 minutes or so to do its thing. The cleanser gets rid of any yuckiness, and it’s all gone in a flush. I don’t always actually scrub the bowl with the brushy scrubby bristly thing. Oops.

(3) I acquired my first-ever credit card! The confession: I’m probably the only 24-year-old (or younger) who doesn’t want a credit card. I like having my finances all in one place, organized via online transactions and the Post-It Note app on my computer to keep track of expenditures. [OCD much?] My financial advisor (i.e. my dad) strongly encouraged me to get a credit card well in advance of the wedding so I can start building some credit other than paying rent and the electric and cable bills on time. Y’know, being an adult requires a lot more than you bargain for when you’re little and you can’t wait to be a grown-up…

(4) I have finally started enjoying the way I look in pictures. Of course, I still feel the need to approve them before my friends Instagram, tweet, or Facebook me… The confession: I never remember to charge the new digital camera I requested for Christmas. I keep forgetting that it isn’t battery operated like my previous camera. The five of us looked so jolly and rosy-cheeked last night with our schooners and our Sex With an Alligator shooters, but of course, A.K.’s camera was deader than the alligator that went into our shots. Hence the perpetual lack of photos gracing the blog. One day I’ll get it together!

Have a magnificent Saturday, blends! Feel free to share a confession if you like 😉


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  1. In your cleaning frenzy I see there was no mention of a dust cloth…….just sayin’ Glad you enjoyed GNO. That does have a way of re-charging your batteries.

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