Trash TV + Running


Question: What do trash TV and running have in common?

Answer: Everything!

I am not ashamed to admit that while I’m watching trash TV, I can run all over creation (figuratively, of course). “Repo Games,” “Judge Judy,” “COPS,” “World’s Wildest Police Videos,” “Jerry Springer,” “Maury”… I watch it all.

This morning, the gym was blissfully empty. There was just little old me, sweating my ass off, watching the “Repo Games” marathon. You know, exercising the same brain cells that are earning my Master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling.

Repo Games


Repo Games 2


Sometimes I also watch “real” TV while I run, but the trashy shows are just so much more entertaining. I particularly like the trivia shows — hence today’s “Repo Games” marathon.

I ran 4 miles while people got their cars repossessed for thinking that California is a territory of the U.S., that the video game acronym GTA stands for “guns thrown around,” that an octogon has two to four sides, and that there is a television show called “That ’90s Show” on which the characters smoke weed 😉

Watching TV while I run may not be the best use of my smarts, but it sure does beat staring out the window, or staring down the time on a long run.


Question: Do you have a guilty-pleasure trash TV show?


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