I experience tremendous guilt after I eat at certain restaurants. For example, I often joke that Olive Garden is my alma mater. But seriously, I love me some O.G. My favorite dishes involve seafood, pasta, and some seriously rich and cheesy sauce. Plus, who can resist endless salad and those warm breadsticks?

I experience guilt after I have a couple of beers, knowing each cider is probably upward of 150 (empty) calories.

I’ve even experienced guilt after sampling cupcakes for our wedding. For our wedding. I mean, for real, somebody has to try them to make sure they’re fit to serve to guests. And it’s not like I ate six of them by myself.

See? This type of justification is what I mean.

I’ve always known that striving for that eighty-twenty ratio of healthy eats to indulgence is ideal, but that nobody’s diet is perfect. I guess knowing and understanding really are two separate entities.

Somehow, I feel guilty either way — if I eat cleanly for an entire week, I don’t feel as though I’ve allowed myself any “freedom”; if I eat a little too much Valentine’s Day candy, or if I go through all three Skinny Cows in three days (when I meant to spread them out over a week), I feel as though I’ve allowed myself too much freedom. It’s a lose-lose situation for me.

This past week, I had a serious “ah-ha” moment regarding the eighty-twenty mantra: I’m doing what I set out to do. I’m eating a balanced, nutritious diet full of all of the natural goodness my body needs and craves, and I’m giving myself the wiggle-room to have dessert and richer choices here and there. I’m finding ways to fit strength-training and cardio workouts into my new routine. I feel more energetic and productive than ever. But I also have a constant side dish of guilt.

The guilt is entirely unnecessary (Ah-ha!). If I’m accomplishing my goal(s) and I’m feeling good about myself and my choices, then there’s no need to feel guilty. End of story 😉

Happy Saturday, blends! I’m off to the grocery store!

Question: Do you ever experience food-related guilt? How do you combat it? What was your latest “ah-ha” moment?


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