Gettin’ Physical


Getting a physical, anyway.

I texted my mom last week to ask her when was the last time I had a complete physical. Yes, I am 24 years old and I still allow — nay, encourage — my mother to be in charge of my medical records. Turns out, I haven’t “gotten physical” since 2006… Oops. Well, I scheduled one for this morning, which consequently meant a trip home to Richmond in the middle of the week on my only day off. It also meant driving 2 hours in the dark after class last night, and then another 2 hours in the rain this afternoon… I don’t mind driving solo at night, but Mother is paranoid about deer. And lonely, winding country roads. And flat tires. And crazed lunatics who likely run rampant between here and Richmond, simply lying in wait for innocent Hyundai drivers to amble by… You get the idea — she doesn’t like me driving alone at night.

If you know me, you can vouch for this — I do not like it when the game plan changes. In other words, even though I made the appointment a week ahead of time, I was still anxious about sacrificing my day off from class and Practicum (which I normally fill with household chores, grocery shopping, and working ahead on assignments) for a stinkin’ doctor’s appointment. I also don’t like doctor’s appointments. Especially fasting doctor’s appointments, and especially doctor’s appointments when I knew they’re going to draw blood.

Of course, as everyone else knew while I was mentally exaggerating everything, the appointment was fine. My PCP reported that I have the slow, steady heartbeat of someone who exercises regularly 😉 My eyes, ears, nose and reflexes were great — always good to know. My blood pressure wasn’t high for once! I have textbook White Coat Syndrome, but that doesn’t stop any of my doctors from admonishing me about having it checked more regularly.

My bloodwork and urine results will be mailed to me in a few days, and I’m actually really curious to see my cholesterol readings and my blood sugar levels. My doctor said that she likes her patients to have a cholesterol screening once between ages 20 and 30, so I’m covered for the next six years. Woohoo! I discussed with her my constant hunger, for which I had seen her a few months ago and had bloodwork done. She recommended bumping up my protein and fiber intakes. I’ll level with you — I was beyond thrilled that she complimented me on recording my eats and my nutritional intake for a week to try to determine the hunger culprit, and that she congratulated my choices in food. When a doctor tells you “you’re doing all the right things,” you might actually be doing something right 😉 We also discussed my weight — my concern, not hers — and how it has completely plateaued. We calculated my “ideal” one-size-fits-all BMI, and it looks like I have less weight than I thought to lose to reach this goal: about 32 pounds. That’s totally doable! Now, if I could just get over this plateau…

There were a few positives to this whole doctor-visit-in-the-middle-of-the-week shit-uation: I got to spend a few hours last night and a few hours today with my mom, I got to spend a few hours with my fiance Ian (the day before, not on, Valentine’s Day, no less), and I got to have lunch at what I have decided is the best burger joint in Richmond — Burger Bach (surprisingly pronounced “batch”) in Carytown.

My favorite sandwich is called the Italian Chick, and it is to die for. So is the pomegranate green tea. So are the fries and their many, many dipping sauces. Okay, so is every single thing I’ve ever tried at Burger Bach. (Wonder if they cater weddings… I kid.) I actually remembered to take pictures before scarfing this time, but for some reason I can’t upload them. Oh, well.

I’m excited about what’s coming up on SWASOV, so stay tuned! I promise, the relevance of today’s physical will become clear eventually…


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