Sat(h)ur(s)day Thrills #4


Guess I’m a couple days late for a “Thursday Thrills” post, but there are a few things I have been loving as of late. Better late than never, hmm?

Number one: the sock bun. I realize I’m way late on the style timeline, but I just discovered a few weeks ago how great a sock bun works in my long, not-so-straight-but-not-quite-curly hair, thanks to this awesome tutorial:

I bummed a tube sock from my dad, cut off the toe, and I’ve been sock-bun-stylin’ ever since. I’m (kind of) trying not to over-utilize the style, but I’m obsessed. It works great for class, my Practicum site in a school setting, formal occasions for Ian’s med school events, and an all-around comfortable, classy way to keep my (desperately in need of a trim) locks out of my face. [All of my photos of evidence are embarrassing “duck face” selfies. Pass on sharing.]

Number two: “couple friends” dates. Ian and I recently discovered that no matter where we are — Hampden-Sydney, the ‘Burg, Richmond, even Roanoke — we have couple friends to make Date Night plans with us. For example, one of Ian’s best friends and his girlfriend were supposed to be celebrating his birthday with us in RVA, but the “blizzard” caused travel difficulties for everybody’s small cars. We were bummed that we’d have to cancel our reservation at Capital Ale House… until Ian suggested that we try one of his closest med school friends and his lady! They were amped to go out to dinner, and the restaurant and bar crowds were surprisingly light. There’s little else that I enjoy more than good food, free-flowing good beer, and conversation with good friends.

Number three: my traveling jewelry case. I discovered this gem one day while I was out shopping post-Christmas with my mom. It is ahh-may-zing.


Perhaps what I love best about it is that it’s double-sided. And that the pouches are clear. And that it folds nearly flat in my weekend bags. As well as the (unpictured) wooden hanger feature at the top. Alright, so there are quite a few things I love about it. Full disclosure — I picked this baby up at Cato. As much as I love the jewelry tree I bought a few weeks ago, its primary function is aesthetics rather than organization.

I hope your weekend is excellent, blends! I’m off to start beautifying for the formal Ian’s class is sponsoring tonight. Should be an interesting adventure traversing the icy streets in heels 😉

Question — Have you tried the sock bun look? What do you think of it in general?


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