Arosto + Nutrition Log


Tonight, one of my closest grad school friends and I had a dinner date at a new wood-fired pizza joint in town, Arosto. Both the dinner date and the location were her idea, and she even picked me up! Now that’s a good friend 😉 She had the BBQ Chicken Pizza (BBQ sauce, chicken, red onion, mozzarella, cheddar), while I tried the Julianne Pizza (Romano sauce, spinach, pesto, chicken, Roma tomatoes, mozzarella, feta). We swapped slices so we could try each other’s; both were delicious, but I’m big into pesto and spinach. The Julianne was a hit, and so was Arosto!




(I normally don’t drink soda, but I’m a total sucker for Coke in glass bottles… And this Coke was naturally sweetened, so it wasn’t saccharine-sweet!)

The pizza place was super cute and very artsy and mod-looking, and obviously very popular! We parked ourselves at a table for two-and-a-half hours talking wedding, and people were steadily streaming through the door and forming a line that stretched outside. It’s only been open for a week, and it’s already doing booming business — probably due to rave reviews like ours!

In other news…

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m not calculating nutrition information for meals eaten out (for my sanity’s simplicity’s sake). Calculating the carbs, protein, and fat I’m eating is much more difficult than I anticipated. You’re probably thinking, Duh! Well, recording any foods with nutrition labels (e.g. almonds, milk, canned soup, soy sauce, bagged baby spinach, bananas) is relatively simple. I’m running into challenges in areas such as leftovers. For example, I took a bottle of Vitamin Water with me to class last night, but I finished it today. I added all of the nutrition info to yesterday’s log, but that’s not entirely accurate. Same with the stir fry I finished for lunch today. I calculated the info for the sauce (soy sauce, honey, Marsala wine, oil) and the brown rice on yesterday’s log. I did not include any nutritional info for the squash, celery, baby carrots, onion, broccoli, or green pepper on yesterday’s log because I didn’t want to mess with figuring out the size or number of ounces of veggies used. I also didn’t include any of this on today’s log, mostly because just a few bites were left over.

To be honest, I’m not feeling satisfied with my nutrition log. I knew when I decided to calculate this information that fresh, raw foods wouldn’t be included, but it feels incredibly incomplete without the total package. I don’t want to start calculating this information in the middle of the week, though, or there won’t be an accurate basis for comparison. I did decide to start calculating fiber, however. How could I have left out such a crucial component of my diet?!

That said, today I consumed 75g carbohydrates (though I made up for this deficit with my scrumptious Julianne pizza), 33.5 protein, 42g fat, and 11g fiber. Topped off with a delicious cup of hazelnut decaf while I settle in for Toddlers and Tiaras 😉


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