My Personal “Hunger Games”


Maybe I live an insanely blah life, or maybe I tend to enjoy things that other people loathe, but perhaps the only thing I like one of my favorite things about starting a new semester is renewing myself from the inside out.

Last semester, I wrote about my near-constant hunger. I consulted my doctor and had bloodwork done, but I only experienced relief for about two months. Of all of the factors we discussed that could have been contributing to my hunger, my doctor and I never discussed whether I was eating enough of the right stuff. For example, I know my diet is full of leafy green veggies, water, fresh fruit, and a variety of bright colors… but I don’t know whether I’m consuming enough healthy carbs or sufficient protein.

At the beginning of this semester, in order to combat my baffling hunger, I’ve decided to keep a log of the (measurable) carbohydrates, total fat, and protein I’m consuming during the week. Being that I’m not a registered dietician, nor am I in the habit of driving myself insane, by “measurable” I mean that raw, fresh, and whole foods will not be included (unless they are supplied with a label) — because I don’t want to measure the number of raspberries on my cereal or Google the nutrition info for one-third of a cucumber. This also means that I won’t count meals eaten out (which are typically on the weekend, anyway).

I am NOT counting calories. I hate the idea of a restrictive diet; I prefer to make an attempt at eating as many whole, fresh foods as possible to strive for balance. Sometimes, I eat what I want when I want to eat it. C’est la vie. I’m not going to get my panties in a wad over a cookie or a Diet Coke.

I am also NOT turning this exercise into one of my myriad “challenges.” I do not intend to alter the foods I normally eat to fool myself into believing my carb/fat/protein consumption is sufficient or over-and-above. I’m simply making a record so I can ascertain whether my consumption is compatible with my RDV and my level of exercise.

Not because I think you’re on the edge of your seat biting your nails with anticipation, but because blogging is an easy way to hold myself accountable, I’ll be reporting back with stats!

Here’s to (hopefully) solving my hunger woes, and to being one step closer to a fitter, more nutrition-oriented me! 😉


Could there be a cuter way to take notes?!

[Edited to add: Today I consumed 164g carbohydrates, 39g protein, and 8g fat. Low on all counts.]


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    • I really don’t think I’ve been more active since my hunger spike, honestly. That was definitely a factor I considered and discussed with my PCP! I’m already finding that I hardly consume any fat (which really surprised me!), which serves to make the body feel full. I may need to up my intake of healthy fats…

  1. I have to say I was going through the same thing trying to figure out what I was missing in my diet. What I found that worked for me was getting a food diary app on my phone and recording everything I ate through that. It has many food items plus it adds calories, carb and fat intake. I only indulge in that app if I want to control how I eat. But I agree with the comment before moderation is key. Also I notice I am more hungry if I do not consume many carbs. I try to go for the healthy carbs like whole grains and nuts. I wish you lots of luck in your quest for better nutritional health and hopefully less in the hunger 😉

    • I’m actually considering doing just that! I read on a fellow blogger’s site that she uses Calorie Count to help her on her weight-loss journey. I don’t want to use it to restrict myself, but rather to get a more accurate picture of what I’m putting into my body. As I wrote, I can’t (and frankly, don’t want to) tabulate calories, carbs, fat, and protein for foods without nutrition labels, such as fresh fruits and veggies. That’s where such an app would come in really handy!

      • Exactly! I do that for food items if I go out to eat. For me I always known fruits and veggies as an abundance and you do not need to count those, You will def find the calorie counter in handy, ESPECIALLY when you go out to eat 🙂

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