Groupon + Cupcake-Tasting


This afternoon, my wonderful mother surprised me by bringing home a half-dozen Carytown Cupcakes! Maybe it was because she knows I have an insatiable sweet tooth, maybe it’s because she thought I might like a sweet treat after my power-walk and doing a trillion loads of laundry, or maybe she was just being my mom 😉 Either way, her surprise totally hit the spot! We split a cookie dough cupcake after lunch. Full disclosure: we’ll probably split another one after dinner.


She selected red velvet, carrot, cookie dough, raspberry lemonade (vice-versa cake and frosting), and an adorable Hershey-bar-adorned flavor she can’t remember for us to taste-test. Ian and I haven’t made any decisions regarding cupcakes vs. a traditional cake for the wedding, but hey, I’ll taste-test anything that has the word “cake” in it.


Part of the reason she splurged on Carytown Cupcakes was due to Groupon. She had been hoarding holding on to some sort of fantastic deal I didn’t know about, and she decided to use it for the greater good… (a.k.a. me). She got 6 cupcakes, normally priced at $16 for a half-dozen, for just eight bucks!

Another reason is because we got caught up looking at bakery websites last night — Carytown Cupcakes, Sweetly Smitten, Ukrop’s Bakery, Baker’s Kitchen, Pearl’s Cupcake Shoppe… — until well after our bedtimes. I gotta say, all of the promos, offers, packages, and decisions (decisions, decisions!) are overwhelming. Maybe my taste buds can help me choose, eh? [Sorry, honey, but this is one taste-test I’ll be conducting without you.]

Thankfully for Ian and me, a lot of the research I’ve done indicates that most bakeries will schedule tasting consultations with couples and let them sample several flavors gratis. [Guess I’ll have to kick up my workout regimen…] We’ve scheduled one such consultation for next month, and I am beyond excited! Right now, I feel like things are still in the “discussion” phase, and with the advent of upcoming appointments, I feel like we’ll transition into the “planning” phase.

I hope you all have a *sweet* evening, my blends!

Disclaimer: I don’t promise that the blog won’t be flooded with far-too-much wedding-planning info, but I do promise that the blog won’t be all wedding, all the time. I’m just really excited to share everything with you!


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