The Cost of “Me” Time


This morning, my sister and I indulged in manicures at our my new favorite spa, Maxx Nails at Innsbrook. I like this nail salon in particular among the many I’ve visited because it has a welcoming atmosphere, it’s clean and beautifully decorated (#nerdalert: it has excellent feng shui), and the nail technicians are so accommodating and professional — but this is all beside the point.

The point is, getting a manicure is one hour of “me” time. I can think (or not) about whatever I want; I can read a pleasure book or a magazine; or hell, I can let my eyes glaze over while my nails become beautified. It’s time spent in the ambience of white noise, the soothing sounds of gently flowing water, and the murmur of quiet conversation. It’s time during which I can get mentally organized and centered. I firmly believe that “me” time is essential to my mental well-being.

I’ve decided that a perfect French shellac manicure is next to cleanliness, which is, of course, next to Godliness 😉


Let’s do a quick calculation here:

$30 per manicure x2 manicures per month x12 months = $720 a year!

Now, I don’t get manicures twice per month during every month of the year. But if I did, “me” time would cost me my unborn first-born. I’m a VIP member of the Spending Frugally on a College Student Budget Club, so this particular form of “me” time isn’t even a reality for me. The thing is, that doesn’t matter.

Why? Because the energy I derive from re-centering myself and the positive feeling well-tended and beautiful nails gives me carry over into my everyday activities. Even though I literally cannot afford to indulge in manicure “me” time on a regular basis, the one or two hours a month I do indulge are well worth the cost.

Let’s do another quick calculation:

24 hours a day x7 days a week x4 weeks a month = 672 hours per month!

If getting a manicure for one hour every so often can afford me much-needed refreshment and mental benefits over untold hours per month, the lightening of my wallet is unequivocally worth the cost. So if you ask me, you can’t truly put a price on “me” time.


[While meant to showcase my fresh mani, the shameless ring shots will eventually phase out ;-)]

What is your favorite form of “me” time?


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