Comparisons Suck


Do you have that one person in your life who makes you feel like you’re not doing enough? She eats more healthily than you do, she works out more often than you do, she earns a higher salary than you do? He trains harder than you do, he has better clothes than you do, he joshes with the Head Honcho more than you do? Well, that person for me is one of my grad school colleagues.

Whatever I do, she’s already done.

Whatever I think, she’s already thought.

Whatever I ponder about scheduling, she’s already scheduled.


No matter what I’m doing or how hard I’m working or how often I’m meeting with my professors or how early I begin a project, she’s doing it harder and better and faster and more. She makes me feel as though I’m never doing enough. She always has a way to one-up me or lord something over me or acquire the information first or remind me of something I’ve forgotten. Or so I’ve been thinking. The truth is, she can only one-up me, lord something over me, or remind me of something if I allow her to.

I’m going to try this new thing called Your Life is Well-Organized and Impeccably Laid Out Until Graduation So Stop Comparing Yourself to Her.

Just because she has a different internship site doesn’t make hers better. Just because she has a different class schedule doesn’t accelerate her graduation date. Just because she is closer with the professors doesn’t make her grades higher.

If we both have internship sites and we both have the classes we need and we’re both on track to graduate, why is there a need for comparison at all? Now that we’re beyond the halfway-point in our program, it’s all smooth sailing from here. I know which classes I need and when I need to take them… so why the anxiety about whether she knows something I don’t? Why worry that her internship experience will prove more beneficial? Why compare my relationships with my professors with hers?

We are different people with different aspirations and different challenges. Just because we are working toward a common goal does not mean there is any need to compare progress or how we’re arriving at said goal.

From now on, I’m going to do me — and not worry about what she’s doing and how she’s doing it. After all, no matter which roads we take, we’ll arrive at the same destination at the same time 😉


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