Is This Real Life?


Shit’s getting real, my blends. The bridezilla-mania hath begun. Hence my absence from Le Blogge over the past week.

I told Ian this afternoon that I don’t think I’m going to be the kind of bridezilla who cries and screams and throws a hissy because things aren’t going her way; I think I’m going to be the kind who gets easily overwhelmed and shuts down. I told him this as we were exiting the Richmond Bridal Expo. There’s nothing like hours of breathing flower fumes, attempting to converse with vendors at an unreasonable decibel, and sampling overly sugary treats to make you feel like you’re losing your mind.

We walked around the downtown Richmond Marriott for well over three hours, poring over photography samples, analyzing invitation fonts, tasting miniature cupcakes, smelling perfumey seasonal bouquets, and asking rapid-fire reception venue questions — all while dodging thousands of other brides and grinning like fools. There is so much to think about — and this isn’t even the half of it!



This is just a smattering of the information I attempted to cram into my handy-dandy bag I was given as we walked in. It should have contained a calculator, tissues, a shot of whiskey, and a tiny TV for the grooms to watch the championship game. My guy earned major Bonus Points for missing Ray Lewis’s last game 😉 Mom also earned Bonus Points for coming downtown to help me ask all the right questions and gather critical information. Go Ruth!

Of course, we slipped in for the obligatory goofy photo booth shots:


We attended a wedding in June 2011 of one of Ian’s fraternity brothers; he and his wife had a photo booth, and we thought it was just adorable! Couples and friends could take as many photos as they liked during the reception, and both the newlyweds and their guests got a copy of their silly pics for keepsakes.

When we finally stepped away from the chaos, my head was buzzing: Cupcakes or traditional cake? Bowties or ties? Indoor or outdoor? Church and then reception site or all-in-one? Plated dinner or buffet? Seasonal flowers or personalized bouquet? Richmond or out-of-town? Photographer or videographer? Tuxes or suits? Plantation or ballroom?

[Don’t mind me. I’m just slowly suffocating. Carry on!]

The one thing we do know? We (hopefully) love each other enough to make it through this planning nightmare together and alive 😉

PLEASE — If you are married or engaged, give me any and all advice or recommendations you have for wedding-planning! We are such total novices in this department!


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  1. Take a deep breath and repeat after me–“It will all come together, it will all come together, it will all come together……” Now, click your heels together three times and……go get married in Kansas or something.

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