Laughter is the Best Medicine


Last night, the Lew Crew did something we’ve never done before as a family: we attended an improv comedy show! I was hoping it would be like Whose Line, but it was so much better! It was called Comedy Sportz, and it involved two three-person teams with a referee to determine the winner of various comedy challenges and skits. The improv involved lots of audience participation, including having text messages or Tweets read aloud onstage! Two of my texts were used, so I was thrilled. It was a family-friendly show, but there is also a not-so-appropriate show my sister and I would like to check out 😉 Can you say “fart jokes”?

Tonight, I’m ready for many more laughs at my godparents’ home, especially since my “godsister,” Mallory, has literally just returned from more than a year in Uganda building a school and working with orphaned children. I’m so excited to be able to share the news of my engagement with them (even though Ian won’t be in attendance), but I’m even more excited to hear the stories Mallory will have about the work she has been doing. Every year since I can remember, we have gotten together (sometimes with other close family friends of my godparents’) for brunch to catch up and to celebrate the reason for the season. This year, we’re doing dinner, and we’re doing it in style! My godbrother Taylor is whipping up his grill specialty — bleu burgers — which I am really excited to try. My godmother, Kathy, always has some of the best and the fanciest foods for us to sample.

Speaking of food in style…

We ate at Keagan’s Irish Pub last night. I resolved to make better meal choices at restaurants, so I started last night… or at least I tried. Instead of immediately choosing something creamy with a heavy pasta base, I let my eyes wander the menu. I ended up choosing the Celtic Chop Salad and a bowl of Virginia Beach’s Finest Shecrab Soup. Little did I know that the salad would probably have fed our party of five comfortably, or that the soup was the size of a UFO!



I even asked questions to try to gauge the size of what I was ordering… Nevertheless, my meal was incredible, and I even have leftovers for lunch today.

This afternoon, I am planning to get my first shellac manicure, something I’ve been wanting to treat myself to for awhile, but not an expense I could justify until every bit of my Christmas shopping was done and wrapped. My sister set the deadline for all presents being under the tree at 11:59 p.m. on December 23rd, and I’ll be ready 😉 I used to get acrylic nails done about every two weeks, but that’s not an expense I can justify at all anymore. Thirty dollars (or more) every time I turn around seems ridiculous to me — though I am ridiculously excited to have beautiful French tips for all of our upcoming holiday affairs! #FirstWorldProbs at their finest, amiright?

If you don’t do anything else on this blustery Saturday, my blends, do yourselves a favor and laugh!


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