Resolution Ringers


As today is December 20th, it’s pretty obvious what I should be doing, right? Of course you already know: blogging about my New Year’s resolutions! Duhhh.

Nah. It’s not so self-explanatory. In any event, I’ve resolved (get it?) to beat the late-December-slash-early-January rush and write about my resolutions now. While my list is not necessarily one hundred percent complete, I’ve put a lot of time and thought into the resolutions I do have complete. So, off we go, in no particular order.

1. I resolve to make better choices at restaurants. I tend to tell myself, “You worked out today! Go ahead and order the Creamy Calories with the side of Bloat!” or, “You know what? You had a stressful week, so go ahead and order whatever you want, and we [your body as an audience] will look the other way.” Is there really a reason I seem to be “unable” to choose lighter fare with side dishes of veggies? I am under no misconceptions that the reasons I can’t lose weight as quickly as I would like are cursed alcohol and restaurant delights…


2. I resolve to be less critical and more complimentary. I admit it — I’m a pretty judgmental person. I will call you out for lookin’ like a hoe walking into church. If you make a Freudian slip, I’ll be the first to make you aware of it. And if you say something utterly stupid, you can count on hearing from me about it in a particularly embarrassing manner. Better watch your back! But that was the “old” A.K. 😉

3. I resolve to keep an honest-to-goodness budget during the spring semester. Though Ian and I won’t be tying the knot for quite awhile, we both need to gauge how much we spend on a monthly basis. Currently, his rent covers power, water, cable, Internet, laundry and garbage services, and gym and pool access. Mine covers about half of that for the same cost. Bully. I’m going to try my hand at a legit line-item budget, color-coded (my OCD passion) by type of expense. Keep me in your prayers — math is NOT my forte.

4. I resolve to comment on fellow bloggers’ posts more often. So many times, I read a post that I really like, and I comment aloud or mentally… but I don’t leave the blogger my feedback. As a fairly new blogger who gets far too excited about a single comment I appreciate feedback, constructive criticism, encouragement, and simple messages letting me know that someone out there is reading my stuff. I know I’m really simplifying the mantra, but it’s a way I can treat others as I want to be treated.

5. I resolve to love myself on the outside. Loving yourself on the inside is equally as, if not more so, important. I don’t mean to brag, but I’m pretty comfortable with who I am on the inside. I really learned to love who I am during college, and those feelings have grown firmer and more confident as I have lived on my own and worked on my Master’s degree. However… my feelings about my body shape and size aren’t nearly as lovey. I’ve lost 34 pounds in the past 11 months (huzzah!) but I have 36 more to go until I reach my goal weight. What I resolve to work on is eliminating that “but” from my phraseology. For example, “I weigh __ pounds, and I have __ pounds to go!” I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished and all that I’ve learned, and I resolve to actively try to feel more comfortable with the size and shape I currently am.


And there you have it. Every year that I’ve made resolutions, I haven’t quite stuck to them as I would’ve liked — a trap to which I feel most some other people must fall victim. However, every year I create new resolutions after January first that somehow seem to stick around far longer and are more effective motivators. I’m not saying that 2013’s resolutions will definitely, for sure happen, but maybe having them written down (publicly) will keep my eyes on the prize. You win some, you lose some.

Happy Thursday, blends!


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