Soreness Bus, First Stop: Calves


As my dear friend Charlie used to say, “Gosh golly gee willikers Batman!” The Soreness Bus has arrived, and it’s parked right in my calves. I did everything I knew to do yesterday both before and after the race. I’m attributing my crying muscles to running in cold, damp weather, and running on pavement — neither of which I normally do.

I stretched adequately before the race, and I stretched afterward — also neither of which I normally do. Almost instantly, I felt my calf muscles tightening up almost to the point of a Charlie horse. I tried to stay loose and limber yesterday, and I stretched periodically throughout the afternoon. I soaked in a hot bath as soon as we got home. I probably didn’t do myself any favors last night by wearing high-heeled boots out to dinner… or perhaps I did help myself by not favoring my muscles. I’m no expert.

I practically fell out of bed this morning instead of climbing daintily out. I know I ought to have gone for a walk today and stretched more, but my priorities ended up being elsewhere. (Like taking the final exam I stayed home to take on Friday evening that was finally made available today.)

In the end, I’m pretty sure I would’ve experienced soreness no matter what I did because I’m not accustomed to running outdoors in 50-degree wet weather. What can ya do?

Next stop: hips…

If you have any home remedies for muscle soreness, lay ’em on me!


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