Love Affair with Love Grown


So… anyone besides me incredulous that somehow December slipped in unnoticed on November’s coattails?

Yesterday morning, I said to Ian, “…It’s December first, isn’t it?” and he looked at me like I had just announced that I have a pet dinosaur. I don’t know how it happens, but some months have a way of surprising me every. single. year.


I’ve been off the “healthy-living blogger” bandwagon for a few posts now, so I thought I’d wrangle my ramblings back in with a post about, what else? Food.

Saturday afternoon, I dragged Ian to Kroger. When I commented that the register clerk and the bagging associate were rays of eternal sunshine (drenched with sarcasm), he said, “Well, so are you. You’re in like, military mode, in the grocery store.” I hadn’t ever thought about it in those words, per se, but I guess I can be a bit… focused…

I finally indulged my longing for Love Grown granola and flavored almonds. Every time I’m in the Natural Foods section picking up my beloved Fage and my Kashi cereal, and KIND bars and almond milk (okay, so I spend a decent amount of time [and dough] in that section) I salivate over the chocolate Love Grown granola. Tragically, I made the excruciating decision to get granola that will be more versatile — you know, in yogurt, on oatmeal, on fruit, etc. I bought Sweet Cranberry Pecan. The virgin tasting of Love Grown was atop fresh banana slices with a dollop of Nutella. Holy. Granoly.


I’m still desperate to try the chocolate, but that need will have to be satiated at a later date. Somehow, I feel like my relationship with Love Grown has only just begun 😉 This morning I tried it with fresh sliced banana, plain Chobani, blackberry jam, chia seeds, and whole almonds. Mmmm!

Now, let’s talk almonds.

I specifically needed sliced almonds for a casserole I’m planning to make this week. A few other varieties somehow found their way into my shopping cart, as well. I’m big on whole raw unsalted almonds for in-class snacks and for “toppers” (e.g. yogurt, oatmeal), so I grabbed a small jar of those babies. I love that they’re something crunchy to munch on, and they’re a smart decision. Ian and I spent quite awhile on the snack foods aisle, trying to narrow down my choices in flavored almonds. Finally, I tore myself away from the $9 pistachios long enough to decide on Blue Diamond Smokehouse whole almonds. Three types of almonds in one shopping trip?! Oy.

Lastly, I’d like to discuss my pride in my (moderately healthy) weekend meal choices.

Friday, Ian and I were in Farmville for the Hampden-Sydney basketball game versus Methodist. We went out to dinner with friends at Macado’s, where I got my usual: the Build-Your-Own. I took a walk on the wild side by adding mesquite turkey to my standard French bread, Swiss and Muenster cheese, lettuce, tomato, avocado, banana peppers, and onion. Washed down by two schooners of Miller Lite. Hey, you can’t win ’em all. Saturday morning, I had a Fage and a bowl of Kashi before we headed out to run errands. My blood sugar started to drop while we were at Kroger and hanger (hunger + anger) was on the verge of setting in, so we decided to get Moe’s. I inhaled ate more Moe’s at Longwood than I care to admit, so it’s a rare treat when I dine at that blessed place. I tried the Earmuffs burrito bowl — brown rice and black beans for days! I piled on the goodies: all-natural chicken breast, sautéed peppers and onions, shredded lettuce, pico de gallo, guac, shredded cheese, black olives, sour cream, and mild salsa. I caved for dinner and consented to frozen pizza. My biggest complaint about frozen pizza is the sodium content. Yeah, it has carbs and it’s a caloric beast, but it’s depressing consuming 80% of my RDV of sodium in one meal. I chose a thin-crust Freschetta Harvest Supreme loaded with veggies and herbs, and Ian talked me into a flatbread Tuscan Chicken pie with veggies. [Sigh.] At least we didn’t get Quadruple Meat Threat or some jazz. Sorry for the novel; I only delve into my weekend eats as a way of keeping myself accountable to the choices I’m trying to make, not to compare myself to others or to guilt anyone else. Overall, this weekend’s meals were a success in my book!

I hope your weekend was excellent! Mine was a perfect segue into the last three days of class before a blissfully long Christmas break!

Question: Have you tried Love Grown Foods products? Have you tried Blue Diamond nuts?


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