“Just Keep Swimming…”


The valedictorian of my high school graduated with a whopping 5.1 GPA — possible only if you cram your schedule with advanced courses, like AP Calc and AP Gov. We’re talking about a girl for whom, in the 8th grade, a special category had to be created for student(s) who earned not just As in all 4 core academic subject areas, but all A-pluses. This was someone recognized by colleges all over the country for her philanthropic endeavors, her scholastic achievement, her outstanding standardized test scores, and her record number of scholarship offers. And yet, at our graduation, her valedictory speech centered around the “just keep swimming” mantra of Finding Nemo — a parallel between the precipice of adulthood and the leaving behind of childhood innocence, and the persistence Dory had in assisting Nemo’s father in finding him. She repeated the phrase in triplicate over and over, and I was literally laughing at her. That ridiculous comparison still astounds me, and I’ve been out of high school for six years.

[Rant complete.]

Yesterday evening, I edited and emailed myself an assignment to print tonight in the graduate school’s computer lab. Hey, if they’re going to give us $80 worth of free printing at two cents a page every semester, I might as well make good use of my private school dollars at work. I realized that after the completion of one last paper and one final exam for the semester, I will be more than halfway through my Master’s degree program. It doesn’t feel that way sometimes, when I consider the two classes I’ll need to take this summer, the 700 Practicum and Internship hours I still need to earn, and the three semesters I have left… but that’s when I remind myself, I’ve been swimming this long. I have less than 18 months to go until I’ll have my hard-earned degree in hand.

So what’s a few more laps? 😉 Maybe that crazy bitch student with the 5.1 GPA wasn’t too far off the mark.

[But I still think her speech sucked.]



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