Lunch and Life-Planning


This afternoon, Ian took me out to lunch at Olive Garden — one of my absolute favorite restaurants. I’ve often jokingly told people that Olive Garden was my alma mater or my “mothership.” It’s pretty low on my list in the healthy-living department, but in my opinion, it’s perfectly okay to splurge once in awhile. What with Thanksgiving being tomorrow, our timing isn’t superb, but I could not care less. Aside from simply enjoying each other’s company as Ian was on his way home for the holiday, we decided to do some life-planning.

Several months ago, we determined that between his hellish hectic med school schedule and the now 18 months I have left before my expected graduation, it would be beneficial for us to do some calculated life-planning. I’m a born-and-bred planner; my father is a financial planner and investor as well as a former CPA, and my mother is a former school teacher and occasional wedding director. Planning is in my nature. I understand — though as type-A and anal-retentive as I am, it’s difficult — that not every moment in life can be expected or planned or scheduled down to the last minute detail. I’m gonna give it hell, anyway. Luckily for me, Ian isn’t a fly-by-the-seat-of-his pants gent, so I’m in good company.

When I told my dad a few weeks ago that we were preparing to do some life-planning, he strongly recommended that we write everything down. As I’ve often been told throughout my two decades in school, goals that are written down (and readily visible) are more likely to be accomplished. He also suggested that we try to be as specific as possible, because by doing so, it sets things in motion and brings forth unanticipated resources. Today, that’s exactly what we did. We discussed everything from how long we want our future engagement to be, to whether and where I can earn a PhD, to when would be the best timeframe for us to expect children. We wrote everything down on the backs of receipts and mini Post-It notes, which I will probably keep in my nerdy, sentimental memory boxes forever. What could be better than organization plus discussing-slash-creating The Future with my guy?! 😉

We enjoyed some supremely perfect OG food, too. For me, unlimited salad and something rich and creamy are a must.

Today’s poison of choice: Shrimp Mezzaluna with salad and breadsticks. It’s always hard to walk out the door of OG, knowing I won’t be back for awhile… Missions: accomplished!

I hope you and yours have a marvelous Thanksgiving! What’s your favorite part of the holiday?


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