The “BTN” Workout


Most often when I go to the gym, I have a specific goal in mind: Okay, today I’ll run 4 miles, or, Today I’ll hop on the elliptical and then do a weights session. That’s when I’m at school and I pretty much have free-reign of the apartment complex gym. When I’m at home, we belong to the YMCA, which is usually quite crowded. As many times as I’ve been to swim or work out, I still get nervous trying to find open machines that I need.

Yesterday morning, my dad texted, wondering whether Ruth and I were interested in going to the Y around 4:00. I replied that we were, though I knew I’d have to really rally myself to get excited. Finally, I decided I could get enthused about swimming. In the name of it being too cold and in being too lazy to don a swimsuit (and all that it requires) in November, I ended up throwing on running shorts. By the time we finally got to the gym — around 4:50 — the Y was deep in its usual frenzy of post-work gym-goers. I could feel my tentative resolve draining away as I scanned the room for available spinning machines. Finally, I located one, hopped aboard, and selected the Around the World Hills Plus program for 20 minutes.

I pedaled my little heart out, but I wasn’t sweating much. I like to measure the quality of a workout by how gross I am when I leave the gym; the wetter the better. After 20 minutes of serious spinning plus 5 minutes of cool-down, my arms were burning, and my butt was simultaneously numb and sore. I decided to hit some machines, because I noticed I still had about 15 minutes before we were supposed to meet back up. Thirty-five reps on the Ab Crunch, a short stretch, 25 reps on the Pec Fly, 30 reps on the Leg Extension, and ten 3-part alternating reps on the Chest Press later… I realized I had put together a tidy little workout.

This is what I like to call the BTN (better-than-nothing) workout. I went to the gym, feeling rather lackluster. I hopped on a machine and accomplished 5.27 miles without having set a goal. I pushed myself on the weight machines. And pretty soon, my workout was over and I felt better about having dragged myself to the Y during “rush hour.” It wasn’t a marathon or an hour-long spinning class; it wasn’t a mile swum or a new bench-press record. But it was a workout, and any workout at all is better than nothing 😉

Have a fantastic Tuesday, my blends! My sister comes home today, hoorah!


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