We are! UR!


There are, like, two times a year I do not feel one bit guilty about stuffing my face with butter-smothered popcorn. One is during the movie my family and I see around Christmas time. Between popcorn, drinks, and tickets, it costs more than $50 for my family to see one movie! We usually choose a blockbuster we can all agree on (e.g. Harry Potter). The other time is during the first home basketball game I attend at University of Richmond. My dad is an active alumnus, and the red and blue spirit runs deep in the Lew Crew 😉 Even having attended four different colleges, the four of us are all Spiders at heart.

Normally, I really don’t care about college sporting events — live or otherwise. The two exceptions are Hampden-Sydney football and Richmond basketball. There’s just something about being in the Robins Center that gets me fired up. For one thing, unlike football, I understand the game of basketball. For another, my family is very into UR sports. My mom has even memorized the stats of the 2012 season team, and she has multiple pictures on her cell of her dwarfed by players with hands the size of tennis racquets. My parents are season ticket-holders of football and b-ball, so they do not miss home games. It’s serious business.

Last night, to celebrate the first night of my ten-day Thanksgiving break, I went with Mike and Ruth to the game versus Hampton University. It was a great game, albeit slow to get revved up and with rebounding seemingly unheard of. I won’t get up on my soapbox about defense. I’d have to say, the best part of the evening was a split tie between Mom calling Derrick Williams “Big D,” and hearing her refer to half the team as her “cute li’l buddy.” Well, and this little number she showed me:

Happy Thursday, blends! 😉


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