Doctor, Doctor


For the past few months, I’ve experienced more than my fair share of GI issues. Nothing serious, mind you; just annoyances I have to consider when my planning my day (for example, sitting in class for 2.5 hours at a stretch). If you’ve ever made multiple trips to the ole BR and then made none the next day (…or the day after that), you know firsthand that it’s frustrating and downright a pain in the rear. Pun not (initially) intended. TMI yet? I attributed my tummy troubles to various things over time: running, coffee, fiber intake, water intake, trying new foods, “natural” or raw foods, etc.

So, I consulted my personal MD–Ian. He may not be an established doctor yet, or even close, for that matter, but he has a vested interest in all things health-related. At first he said maybe I wasn’t getting enough fiber. I said, Honey, if I eat any more fiber, I’ll become a fiber bar.

Well, he’s been encouraging me to see a GI specialist or my PCP. I never relish the thought of doctor’s appointments. When I think back to high school, it’s a wonder I didn’t just move into a doctor’s office, between the dentist, orthodontist, dermatologist, orthopaedic specialist, neurologist, and the pediatrician… Let’s not forget my VIP status at Patient First, between getting my hand stuck in the garbage disposal, running out of essential medication, developing tendonitis as a non-athlete, and acquiring poison sumac on Christmas Eve.

Obviously, it’s not that I don’t believe in the power of doctors or anything like that. I’m more of a wait-until-the-last-minute-and-try-to-resolve-it-yourself kinda girl. I did just that yesterday. I was in Kroger, meandering through the Natural Foods section, when I happened upon Stomach Ease tea. On the back, there were even instructions for a yoga pose for “smooth sailing” — catch my drift? (I’m so punny today.)

I was pretty amped up about a more natural type of remedy. Of course, I readied myself for nothing to happen right away. Nevertheless, I brewed myself a cup this morning. The smell from the dry tea bag alone was enough to make me gag. One cup was more than enough to make me believe that maybe I can’t crack this thing with tea, or extra fiber, or a decrease in fiber, or Jamie Lee Curtis popping into my kitchen with her miracle yogurt… I literally finished the tea with my nose clamped shut and my face scrunched up like I was downing cyanide. *Sigh*…

P.S. If you have suggestions for GI regularity, I’d love to hear ’em!


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  1. One of the things I have tried is Konsyl Just FYI it is grainy so put it in juice, shake it up, and drink FAST (if you don’t it solidifies) but it does the trick. I have used it with both pregnancies and with some PCOS difficulties. Good luck!

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