Brunch at The Jefferson


Let me just begin this post by saying, I am uhh-bsessed with The Jefferson Hotel in Richmond. Ian and I had been dating for like, a week, when I informed him that our wedding reception would be held there. I don’t think I need to tell you that his expression was priceless. I can’t count how many times I’ve exclaimed, “But The Jefferson is a Richmond landmark!” Right, Mom? 😉

We had the wonderful opportunity to have brunch there yesterday afternoon at the annual MCV Endowed Scholarship Brunch. Every time I’m there, I’m overwhelmed by the beauty of the hotel and the five-star experience with the staff. I’ve never actually stayed or dined at the hotel, but it’s definitely on my Bucket List.

I was just dying to snap photographs of the delicious meal we were served, but obviously that would’ve been a bit tacky. We were served mimosas, unsweet tea, coffee, a fresh fruit plate, florentine and fontina crustless quiche, griddled petit ham steak, griddled tomatoes, breakfast breads, and raspberry panna cotta for dessert. Sorry I’m not sorry — I just had to brag about the meal.

My real bragging starts now. I am so proud of Ian for what he accomplished in being accepted into medical school, and all that he has learned and experienced since he began just 3 months ago. He has such a long road ahead of him — 4 years of school plus 3 years of residency — and I’m thrilled that I have the privilege of being by his side while we pursue our academic and career dreams together.

I was also humbled yesterday. I was in the company of the president of VCU, various prestigious faculty and researchers, published authors, and multimillion-dollar scholarship donors. As a scholarship recipient at my grad school, I understand how valuable (and sometimes vital) the support of alumni and benefactors can be in furthering students’ education.

But mostly… I was positively giddy sitting beside the love of my life in the most fabulous hotel in Richmond!


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