Reflections: Weekend Eats


I’ll be honest — some of the blogs I read make me feel guilty about the choices I make in the foods I put into my body. I mean, how am I supposed to compete with women who are nine months pregnant, already planning the 10k they’ll run just weeks after giving birth? Should I have eaten lentils and granola for breakfast? Ought there be a scale in my bathroom so I can report weigh-ins? Have they come out with a better substitute while I’ve been busy adjusting to almond milk? Heaven forbid I miss a health update and fall behind.

When these kinds of thoughts begin to bombard me and make me feel any way other than like myself, that’s when I pump the brakes. I remind myself: this life, my body, and the choices I make concerning exercise and nutrition are not a competition. If I lose one pound while my uber-blogging counterpart loses five, we can both celebrate a victory, without feeling the need for comparison or guilt. If I prevail in making one clean-eating meal while she produces a cookbook, we’ve both succeeded.

One of the things I struggle with most on the weekends is eating well. It’s not that I feel obligated; I’m interested. For those of you who may not be aware, I live alone and I’m in a somewhat long-distance relationship. Thus, I’m sort of a wanderer on the weekends. I bounce around, visiting my sister at her school, Ian in Richmond, my parents in the Richmond area, and various friends’ places. Also for those of you who may be new, I’m a fan of alcohol. I love a seasonally flavored beer, a schmaltzy cocktail, or a glass of moscato. I’m completely guilty of having one too many and casually being like, Yeah, let’s totally order an extra-large pizza… with onions and pineapple and a side of regret for tomorrow! That’s not the norm; more like once-in-a-blue-moon. (I’m also guilty of purposely remaining in that place between “I ‘recently’ graduated” and “I’m not a full-fledged adult yet”.)

I digress. Weekends are a source of weakness in eating the way I like. Of course, I believe in balance, and indulging every once in awhile. There are very few foods I believe should actually be, you know, Forbidden. I’m a big proponent of “everything in moderation.” It’s more like I finally understand how much dedication and hard work weight loss and fitness require. I don’t want to blow all the hard work I put in during the week with a six-pack and a cheesesteak, right?

Right. Another thing I try to remember is that while I’m a graduate student and unattached to the city where I study, eating well while traveling will be a challenge. There will be weekends when I eat not so desirably. It is what it is, and I think awareness is part of the key to future success.

It’s not a dilemma, per se. It’s not an advice-seeking situation. It’s not even a situation I’m necessarily looking to remedy. Simply reflecting.

Have a great Sunday, my blends! I’m off to enjoy brunch at The Jefferson Hotel with Ian and some of his medical school peers.


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