Loofah Lovin’


I may have mentioned obsessively a few times over the past few weeks that I have been ridiculously excited to finally wear my Halloween costume: a loofah! My boyfriend, Ian, and I bought the materials for the costume and actually created it two weeks ago. I showed pictures to anyone who would stand still long enough, and even accidentally had the picture on my phone passed around my Wednesday night class… But I was determined not to ruin the surprise on The Blog.

The boy and I headed to Farmville around 3:00 yesterday. We went to the science building to visit some of his old professors and check out the new equipment the department purchased shortly after he graduated. Then we headed to a Farmville favorite, Macado’s, for dinner and drinks with friends. Finally, it was time for me to don my costume.

I learned a few things about dressing up as a loofah.

Namely, when the weather is predicted to be in the mid-30s and windy, you should heed your Weatherbug app. It might as well have screamed at me, You’re going to be freezing your bubbles off tonight! but I still would have ignored it amidst my excitement. I did think far enough ahead to purchase a long-sleeved shirt to attach the tulle, and I wore matching opaque tights. Nevertheless… nearly every part of my body was numb when we finally called it a night.

As it turns out, when you attend a themed party at an all-male college, many of the party-goers won’t be familiar with a female-related bath item (i.e. “…what are you?”). I should have anticipated as much. I did, however, enjoy many of my friends’ and acquaintances’ facial expressions as they twisted their bodies around and mimed showering while they searched for the word loofah.

Ian was supposed to match me in a soap costume. We had even planned to plaster “We found Dove in a soapless place” on the front of his bar-of-soap costume. He farted around until the last minute, and as a result, he bought a reduced-price costume from Party City. I called him the Khaki Crusader because of his oversight that the costume did not include the black pants pictured. Next to someone in a completely unrelated costume, even fewer people will be able to identify a loofah.

We saw all manner of costumes last night: Kung Fu Panda, Indiana Jones, Michael Vick walking a “dog” (his girlfriend), the old man from Up, several very convincing white guys as Rastafarians, Mr. Gangnam Style, and even The Human Centipede. We also snuck in our tradition of snapping a few photos with one of Ian’s undergrad professors, who is also the fraternity’s advisor:

All in all, it was a fantastic night, even though we ended up forgoing our plans of staying in a friend’s room and driving back to Richmond at 2 a.m. On the way home, Ian and I reminisced about the night we met at his fraternity house, and all of the memories we created at each other’s schools. I decided that we are not too old to still dress up for themed parties, or to visit Hampden-Sydney and old friends. The time is rapidly approaching when we won’t know anyone there anymore, and we’ll be too busy with our adult lives to drop everything. We might as well soak it up now, right? 😉

P.S. What were you for Halloween? Did you attend or host a party?


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