Fall Recipe Favorite: Quinoa Bowls


Wednesday night was the first quinoa bowl of the season. I vowed to take pictures, but I was too ravenous. Thursday afternoon, I made a bowl with the leftovers, and I thought ahead enough to snap a few photos.

I shared quinoa bowls with you on my previous site, Girl Emerging, but I’ll share them again because they’re one of my favorite vegetarian recipes. Even though I’m an omnivore now, I still relish a lot of my vegetarian faves.

This recipe serves two heartily. You’ll need: boxed stovetop quinoa (or about 2 C), a bag of shredded lettuce, fresh salsa–you know, from the nice part of the store–or pico de gallo, a medium-sized can of black or pinto beans, sour cream, and cilantro (if desired).

First, I start with a generous helping of shredded lettuce.

I top it with a half-cup or so of quinoa. Or in this case, my quinoa and rice blend. I’m a big fan of Far East products from Kroger. I’ve really been trying to steer clear of processed foods, but boxed quinoa products are so manageable and sensible for me.

From there, I add a half-cup or so of black or pinto beans.

Lastly, I top the bowl with whatever my heart desires. Usually that means fat-free sour cream, fresh salsa or pico de gallo, and “sprinkly cheese.” Today, that meant sour cream and diced organic tomato.

How can you go wrong with a dish so deliciously full of fun, flavor, and nutrition?!


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